85 min
Psycho- Horror
UHD 24p.
Bildformat 2,39:1
Dolby 5.1


Out of the remains of her cases the pathologist prepares a multi-coursemenue. Every course tells a tale. The feature is about power, greed, survival, control and nightmares. Rounded off with a bitter-sweet dessert.


The pathologist gets a dead bodies
delivered into her lab with examination.
She is collecting organes for a certain

Daniela (35)

Loves her job and is dutiful. Seems cool and somewhat aloof,
but a fire burns in her heart. She examines the courpses with
passion and is very interested in their body parts. Has a
macabre side to her. Daniela has a secret as well, which will
be revealed piece by piece ...


The Ride

A lonely hitcher gets ride from a domineering driver in the dark of night.The hitcher is so annoyed by his limitations and rules that the situation gets out of hand.

Harald (46) The Driver

Is very proud of his car, which purposefully takes him through the night.
The guy is very focused on order and discipline. He expects that his
passengers abide by his rules. Is a bully, which leads to friction.


Tom (27) The Hitchhiker

Relaxed dude, who hitches a ride and has no problem riding in cars
with strangers. Is monosyllabic and his background is a secret.
Seems more harmless, than he actually is. His patience has limits,
even though he tries to cope with Harald at first. His bag and the
contents are very dear to him...

Key Moments

A woman, who seems to have locked herself out of her apartment, asks a locksmith for help.When they get into the apartment she reveals that he is her accomplice in a burglary. This leads to a shaky alliance...



Alexa (25)
She is a talkative person, especially if she panics. Orders a locksmith
after she lost her keys. Bombards the locksmith Michael with information.
It is about control for her and she is not as helpless as she appears.
She has a plan, which leads to her pretending something.


Michael (53)
Dependable person, who takes things as they come. Working as a locksmith
is routine for him, which isn't really challenging. Wants the boring everyday
life to break with the past. He used to enjoy the power he had to get access
and his talent to open locks was turned to something criminal. Now he is
through with all of this until he get into a situations, which draws he back in.

Red wine

Two friends who work at a wine store add human blood to the wine as secret ingredient.Business is booming, so they decide to kidnap people to get the blood. After one of them developes a conscience, their friendship is put to the test.


Moritz (30)
Hopeful young man, who became disillusioned in his job in the wine store.
Wants to change his station in life. Hates to deal with customers and dreams of
writing a novel, but can't muster the energy for that. He gets involved in something very
risky, because his beat friend suddenly finds a way to became successful.
He has a good heart and knows that he has to do the right thing.

Lukas (33)
Opportunist, who thinks he is meant with something greater than working in the wine store.
He is a good friend to Moritz and always supports him . Is very ambitious when he finds a
new business model, which could lead to riches and fame. Lukas is morally ambiguious
and very cold, which soon leads to conflict with Moritz.

Dark Dreamer

Markus wakes up in the middle of the night and finds a double of himself sleeping in his bed.Later a strange creature appears and tells him that he is a dream projection of the real Marcus.A new person, that was just born. The nighthob wants to take him to the dream realm, but Marcusisn't ready yet to give up his old existence, which he still regards as his own.


The CreatureHe is a watchman between the worlds. Wants to help Markus and get him on his side.Has a dark past and is full of shame because of it. Doesn't question the rules and wants to remain to status quo as it is. At the end he succumbs to the strong will of Markus.

Markus (48)
Opportunist, der sich ebenfalls für besseres erkoren hält als die Arbeit im Weinladen. Er ist die Stütze für Moritz und baut ihn immer auf. Ist sehr ambitioniert, als er ein Geschäfftsmodell entdeckt, dass Ruhm undReichtum verspricht. Lukas weist eine moralische Flexibiltät und Gefühlskälte auf, die ihn bald in Konikt mit seinemFreund Moritz kommen lässt.

Life Is life

In a postapocalyptic landscape a small group of zombies encounter the last human survivor. She gets them to spare her, because they understand on a basic level that the woman is of value to them. She is now part of the pack and they have to protect her from the other zombies...



Eva (32)
Survivor. Has sufferd though a lot and lost everyone she ever loved.
She is in despair and the hopelessness of her situation weights heavy on her.
Very clever and she can improvise on the spot, if she needs to. She soon finds
unexpected allies, who help her on her journey.